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Soap Box #12 by Reitanna-Seishin Soap Box #12 :iconreitanna-seishin:Reitanna-Seishin 130 140 Sans Caramelldansen-Undertale FLASH Animation by Chibixi Sans Caramelldansen-Undertale FLASH Animation :iconchibixi:Chibixi 1,066 1,158 it's your dunkle snas [gif] by Fel-Fisk it's your dunkle snas [gif] :iconfel-fisk:Fel-Fisk 2,894 635 And we were gonna open up my mystery pinata by zarla And we were gonna open up my mystery pinata :iconzarla:zarla 2,796 352 Undertale by kuzukago Undertale :iconkuzukago:kuzukago 9,427 1,450
How To Make An Undertale OC Pt.1 (Cliches.)
Welcome To "How To Make An Undertale OC" OR: HTMAUTOC. Okay, let's not call it that. This Is The First Part Of The Guide! There Should Be Another Part Or Two! We're Gonna Start With The Cliches! Hope This Helps!
 Underale, A pretty awesome game- if I say so myself. And I don't mind OCs/FCs being in fandoms, it's what makes it fun and creative! So.. In a fandom where you can be practically ANYTHING.. There are a few cliches and bad OCs here are there (No- this is not aimed at anyone.) So, before we start, keep THESE things in mind when making a UnderTale OC!

1: In Undertale, monsters can be ANYTHING.. LITERALLY.. ANYTHING. You could be a HAND and no one would question it. Don't be afraid to step out of the "Making It Make Sense"
:iconharmonyparty:HarmonyParty 333 433
[JH] One Sunday Morning by HazeSpawn [JH] One Sunday Morning :iconhazespawn:HazeSpawn 1,885 514 [JH] So I made a thing by HazeSpawn [JH] So I made a thing :iconhazespawn:HazeSpawn 707 421 [JH] God damn it doode by HazeSpawn [JH] God damn it doode :iconhazespawn:HazeSpawn 821 345 If (UPDATED) by HazeSpawn If (UPDATED) :iconhazespawn:HazeSpawn 3,517 491 Cuddles by HazeSpawn Cuddles :iconhazespawn:HazeSpawn 1,074 93 The Puppet and her Puppeteer... by HazeSpawn The Puppet and her Puppeteer... :iconhazespawn:HazeSpawn 2,065 333
{JH} Contemplation
He shifted, either in slight discomfort or in the thickening tension rising in his throat. Seeing Frisk, even with their vague smile and random act of kindness, set his heart pounding hard, the steady thumps filling his ears alongside a persistent ring. Was it possible, Sans wondered, that even after knowing that he was (literally) the monster, and not Frisk, he might still be a little nervous around them? But it was stupid, he reminded himself. It was stupid.
He stole a glance down at the little child, whose eyes were distant and unseeing despite the frosty weather around them. It had been a silent walk through Snowdin, but for one reason or another, Frisk seemed a little nervous as well. So it wasn’t just him. But why, that every time he was to gaze down at them, he felt chills travel down his spine? Was it fear, or…
Or guilt?
His stomach knotted up, twisting with that same feeling. Guilt. Regret. Horror.
His lack of control, his inability to s
:iconhazespawn:HazeSpawn 119 44
Undertale Literature: 'If' Comic
Sans looked down at the writhing child coldly, stepping closer only to land a hard kick into Frisk's stomach. The wound was large in scale; it consumed their little body and blood pooled beneath them, staining their clothes. The stench of iron and salt was thick in the air and Sans revelled in it; his grin just seemed to stretch and grow with the pain the evil urchin endured. It was never in his nature to enjoy another's suffering, but this case was an exception... This little beast killed his brother.
They should be burning in hell on a day like this.
Frisk continued to feebly gasp and strain to live, even when there was no chance of that happening. Sans couldn't bring himself to tame his smile, if only momentarily. "That's what you get, you dirty brother killer..." He knew that Papyrus would not approve of this sociopathic behaviour. But he was no longer here to hold Sans back. As he addressed the child, there was hatred in their eyes and it spewed from their mouth as incoherent sent
:iconhazespawn:HazeSpawn 463 128
Mature content
Reitannisms :iconreitanna-seishin:Reitanna-Seishin 141 95
Critique Stamp by Reitanna-Seishin Critique Stamp :iconreitanna-seishin:Reitanna-Seishin 111 34



Well I also have trouble with commenting too. D,X   I have so many pis in my faves,but I can't comment. I'll try to post a pic or comment bu something pops up saying something about my e-mail. So I'm confused. My sister has the same problems except she can upload her pics!     >:( Her name is InvaderMay101. SSSSSSSSSSSSSOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah! PEACE OUT HOMIES!!!!!!! XDXDXDXDXD


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